Port Arthur International Seafarers' Center
401 Houston Ave.
P.O. Box 1646
Port Arthur, Texas 77641-1646
Phone: 409-982-4504
Fax: 409-982-6117
Email: paseafarers@sbcglobal.net
Face Book: Port Arthur Interantional Seafarers' Center
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2012 Bike Blessing

ETC: Bikers to Rally For Blessing (3-23-2012)
PA News:
Hundreds Gather for Bike Blessing (4-8-2012)
ETC: Bikers Celebrate Holy Week (4-13-12)

2012 Maritime Memorial Service

PA News: Sundial Service Honors Mariners (5-26-2012)
Maritime Memorial (6-22-2012)

Maritime Ministry

PA News: Billowing Sails Give Way to Billowing Smoke (2-24-2012)
Working With the Workers (7-20-2012)
PA News:
Maritime Training Ship
Visits Port Arthur
PA News:
Maritime Recruits: Camp Seaport, Vast Learning for Experience for Youth (7-12-2012)
PA News:
SE Texans Tour the General Rudder (7-15-2012)
PA News:
Volunteers Bring Touch of Home to Seafarers at Center (10-9-12)
SIU Log:
Cub Scouts Learn About Maritime (September, 2012)

Southern Summer Nite 2012

PA News: Chamber, Seafarers' Center Host Annual Southern Summer Night (5-29-12)
The Examiner:
Southern Summer Nite (6-7-2012)
PA News:
Southern Summer Night Promises Fun (June, 2012)
PA News:
Trout Fishing Comes to PA (6-18-2012)
PA News:
Taking Fun Seriously (6-24-2012)
PA Business Journal:
Southern Summer Night a Hit (July 2012)