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Scout Jake Moore's Eagle Scout Project Page
To donate to my fund, please use the PayPal link, or make checks payable to: "PAISC"

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Port Arthur International Seafarers' Center
ATTN: Eagle Scout Project
P.O. Box 1646
Port Arthur, TX 77641-1646
My name is Jake Moore, and I am a Boy Scout working on my Eagle Scout Project. My project involves acquiring funds for the construction of computers for the Port Arthur International Seafarers’ Center. These computers will be used to provide seafarers with internet access while they visit the Center.

Thousands of men and women visit the Seafarers’ Center annually. These men and women have loved ones in other states and countries, and often, communication with them is difficult. By granting access to the internet, both foreign and domestic seafarers would have the opportunity to do many things we “landlubbers” take for granted. Tasks such as paying bills and online banking are mandatory in today’s economy but difficult for most seafarers. In addition, the opportunity to check social media and email are activities most of us do many times a day, but seafarers have more difficulty in doing so. Lastly, most of us see our loved ones on a daily basis, but seafarers go months without seeing their family. My project aims to resolve this problem.

The funds that are raised will be used to build equipment that would allow seafarers the ability to conduct personal online business in privacy and see their families online.

This effort would reflect on how our community welcomes travelers into Southeast Texas while making a world class Seafarers’ Center offer additional services to it’s visitors.

Please help us reach this lofty goal by donating to our cause.

Jake Moore